Why We Boycott FreshDirect

FreshDirect aims to receive over $127 million in public subsidies to move its headquarters to public waterfront land in the South Bronx, bringing upwards of 1,000 diesel truck trips every day through a neighborhood with asthma rates eight times the national average.  The company aims to use public money to build a 500,000+ square foot warehouse and underground parking facility in a Zone B flood zone when, by its own analysis, the company is able to stay and expand in its current Long Island City location. The move to the South Bronx would entail building next to a 5,000 ton per day waste transfer station and on land documented with evidence of a Native American settlement and burial ground. New Yorkers are dismayed that city, state and borough leaders would subsidize FreshDirect’s loud, polluting and excessively idling diesel trucks that overburden New York City streets, particularly given the company’s refusal to pay living wages and its history of unfair labor practice claims.Read media coverage of the issues here.
View lawsuit against FreshDirect here.Join the boycott here.